Further education

Our society and the job requirements are changing fast. If you want to keep up with this, you have to advance your knowledge and skills. Further education and training help in order to learn a life long. Many institutions and organizations in Bonn offer access to education and qualification.

Catching up on a school degree at a college (institute of higher education)

Many professional plans are doomed to failure without a school degree. Colleges or single further education institutes offer the opportunity to catch up on a school degree of secondary level I or II. Their offerings are designed for youths who have fulfilled their time of compulsory education after ten years of going to school, and to adults. Colleges take into account the various living situations of people who like to get further education. At the evening secondary school leading to intermediate qualification (Abendrealschule) and at the evening grammar school (Abendgymnasium), evening classes are offered which have proven its worth for people who are working. These evening schools also offer classes before noon that work with the time schedule of parents or employees who work shifts. A detailed  description of the institutes of further education in Bonn as well as a listing of all institutions of the second chance education is contained in the online education guidebook of Bonn‘s school department.

Who offers further education classes?

A list of state-approved and officially recognized institutes of further education can be found on the website of the city of Bonn.

A good overview is also offered by the education portal of the association LerNet Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. LerNet is the regional network of further education institutions and also offers education advice. LerNet is by order of the account of a regional agency, the issuing agency for the education voucher „Bildungsscheck NRW“ and the education premium of the federal union.

The programme of the VHS-adult education center is very diverse and offers German, foreign languages, health education, business administration, data processing, political education and much more. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce focusses on professional further education. The non-denomitional BildungsForum Lernwelten is a good address especially for women with a migration background, who would like to start working again after a break or who like to work for the first time.

If you want to stay independent from set times and place for learning, e-learning is an alternative as well as complementing learning with digital media. The Federal Institute of Vocational Education (Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung - BIBB) recommends InfoWeb as a search engine for e-learning offerings.

The State supports further education

The law of further education for employees of North Rhine-Westphalia regulates that every employee has a right by law for paid educational leave. It is five working days per year at continuing wage payment. A great financial support is the ‘NRW-education voucher’ and the education premium with which the Federal State supports further education. 

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