In North Rhine-Westphalia every child has a legal claim for a place in kindergarten. This right starts with the third birthday and ends when the child starts going to school. The department for children, youth and family (Jugendamt) has to provide at least a half-day place in a day care center to every child at the age of three. However, day care offerings also exist for children younger than three.

Support in learning the language is an important part of education work in kindergarten. Social learning and developing a language are connected in their development. While playing and singing together as well as when being active, children learn how language functions. This is why a good kindergarten creates playing and learning situations by which using the language and using many words is supported. Good German skills are important for the further success in school. This is why in North Rhine-Westphalia all children at the age of four have to take a language test, which is the so-called „Sprachstandserhebung Delfin4“.

What offerings exist?

There are different forms of education and care in children day care centers:

  • Groups for children younger than three years (five months to three years),
  • Groups for children from two years to school enrolment,
  • Groups for children from three years to school enrolment,
  • Integrative groups for children with and without a handicap (either as a group for children from one year until school enrolment or from three years to school enrolment),
  • Curative pedagogic groups for eighth children from three years to school enrolment,
  • Curative language groups for 10 children from three years until school enrolment.

The care time of day care centers can be 25, 35 or 45 hours per week (from Monday to Friday). Day care centers for children in general open at 7.00 or 7.30 am. If children stay over lunch, they can get a warm lunch meal. An exception is the playing group (spielgruppe), in which care is only three days a week until noon.

How do I get a place in a day care center?

The internet database Kita-Net Bonn provides the opportunity for parents to search online for a suitable day care center in Bonn for their child, and also to reserve a place. Of course, you can also personally register your child with the day care center you like. Moreover, the family office of the department for children, youth and family (Jugendamt) can provide support in the search of a place in kindergarten and can answer questions by phone:  Tel. (0228) 77 40 70.

If you do not find a suitable offering in a day care center you can also get information about available day nannies at the network child care and family.

When do I register my child?

The day care centers have a specific date of registration. Mostly, this date is in February of every year. In general, care contracts between parents and a day care center should be signed by the 31. March of every year.

How much does kindergarten cost?

As soon as the child goes to a day care center, a compulsory parent‘s fee has to be paid to the he family office of the department for children, youth and family (Jugendamt). The amount of the fee depends on the hours of weekly care and on the parent‘s income. The city of Bonn informs on the internet about the effective rates. A reduction or relief of the parent‘s fee is possible under certain circumstances. For this, an application has to be filed first with a proof of the parent‘s income at the department for children, youth and family. A place for a sibling always costs less in Bonn.

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