Free prevention services

Prevention is important at any age. Especially mandatory are prevention services for children. From the birth of a child up to school enrolment, ten free of charge prevention services are required (U1-U9). With this, diseases or aberrations can be discovered at an early stage. These examinations provide parents security and for the child the chance of early help, if help is needed. All prevention services are recorded in a yellow booklet, which parents receive right after birth of the child. This „U-Heft“ is an important document and has to be kept well.

The youth health prevention service J1 for children from age 12-14 is also free of charge.

Health check-up for adults

After the age of 35, adults should request a general check-up every two years from their doctor. Check-ups for early prevention of cancer are suggested after a specific age. The cancer prevention services differ for women and men.

Another important check-up is the dental prevention service (once a year). Pregnant women are examined during pregnancy and after the delivery multiple times. With all these examinations, the cost is paid for by the health insurance scheme. Certain vaccinations are also covered by the health insurance. You can receive specific information from your health insurance company or on the website of the consumer advice center NRW.

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