People with a handicap should be consulted individually, aided and supported. This is why there are many centers and offerings for help with handicap in Bonn. Generally, handicapped people as well as others have a right to protection against discrimination and disadvantage.

Children with a handicap

What should my child be able to do? Does it develop normal for its age? Many parents know such questions. It is important to pay good attention to your child. Who is concerned about the development if his or her child should talk to a specialist medical doctor (paediatrician). For infants and toddlers, who are delayed in their development or handicapped there are early support centers. These centers aid the parents and support the children depending on their abilities. The earlier a delay in the development or a handicap is diagnosed, the easier it is to help the child.

From transport service to interpreter

The city of Bonn offers an overview on its website about offerings and help for handicapped people. The offer ranges from transport service to a parking space card for severely disabled persons to the registration office for web barriers. If you need a sign language interpreter or an exemption from TV and radio license fees - (Rundfunkgebühren-Befreiung (GEZ) - this is the right address for further information.

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