Healthy children - sick children

Parents can do a lot for their child to grow up healthy. For example they can go regularly to prevention services (U1-U9) at a paediatrician with their child. Furthermore, the so called permanent vaccination commission „Ständige Impfkommission“ (STIKO) recommends to vaccinate against dangerous diseases like tetanus, diphtheria or infantile paralysis (polio). Paediatricians give advice to parents about the choice of vaccinations. The cost if vaccinations are covered by your health insurance scheme.

The development of the child

A child does never again learn as easy as in early childhood. During the first years, habits are trained which are extremely important for a healthy lifestyle. By being active, playing outside in fresh air and being in contact with other children at the same age, children make experiences that can‘t be replaced by anything else. A good overview about the development stages of a child is offered by the Federal Center for Health Education on the website heath of a child.

Prevent accidents!

Toddlers are discoverers who curiously explore the environment. They get to know themselves and the world by trying. Parents accompany their children and provide a safe space to their little ones. This also includes preventing them from accidents. Many hazards are around for toddlers in the household. The federal association „more security for my child“ provides helpful hints for children of any age.

What is good for children

Children learn especially through role models. This is also true for health-conscious behavior. Children model themselves on their parents - no matter if it is nutrition, sports, dental care or watching TV, „good for children“ shows, how a good mix of nutrition, fitness and recreation can look like.

Too much TV is harmful

Too much TV and computer games prevent making own experiences which are so important for the development of a child. Scientists emphasize again and again that TV for children under two years is harmful in any way. Toddlers are not able to actually process the sensations that TV transmits. At the earliest, children of three years of age may gradually be introduced to the medium. It is important that the shows are appropriate for their age and that children are not left alone in front of the TV. A good guide for parents is the brochure „flimmo“, which is issued regularly and can be ordered free of charge.

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