Psychological problems

We all are different in our way and manner, how we deal with job stress, pressure to perform, separations or morning. Particular stress and life crisis can make people stronger in their personality but they can also be catalyst for a psychological disease. There is a range of signs that may indicate towards a psychological disease. Among these symptoms are:

  • Sleep disturbance and insomnia
  • decrease of social contacts and activities
  • feeling disoriented and not knowing how to proceed.
  • feeling feeble
  • feeling lonely
  • fear to fail
  • fear of encounters with other people
  • fear of new things

Especially, if you notice multiple of these signs with yourself over a longer period of time, you should get professional advice. Counseling centers offer social psychiatric service at the Public Health Department of the city of Bonn or at the social psychiatric centers. The counseling is always free of charge and confidential. You can obviously also talk about this with a physician. 

An overview of facilities and offerings, services and help in Bonn is offered by the psychosocial guidance book, which is issued by the city of Bonn. This brochure is primarily for psychologically sick and psychologically handicapped people as well as their relatives.

The most important telephone number in an emergency is 112 for the rescue service.

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