Job, profession and studies

Work is an important part of life. A job is for the own subsistence and the financial security of the family. However, a job means a lot more: it can create social recognition, appreciation and identity. Ideally, work makes one happy by bringing out personal skills and further advancing those.

Entry by school degree or apprenticeship

A school degree is the primary requirement to enter the job world. Even if one does not like to learn, one should still finish the secondary modern school. Only a school degree provides for the opportunity of a good job or apprenticeship for young people.

Equal opportunity in the job

The state supports equal opportunity and the reconciliation of work and family life. There are various offerings as for example parents support (Elterngeld). Women and men should be able to reintegrate in the job after a parental leave (Babypause or Elternzeit).

Life-long learning

It is not the general rule anymore that people will stay in the same profession for all their life. „Life-long learning“ therefore is important: by further professional education, studies at university and at universities of applied sciences, by self studying and staying up to date with developments in the own professional field.

The path to a work permit

Citizens from other countries of the European Union can take any job in Germany and do not need a permit for this. They have the right of free movement.

All other foreigners (meaning non-EU citizens) do need not only a residence permit but also a work permit in order to take a job or file for a business. This permit is called „Beschäftigungserlaubnis“ by law. In certain residence status titles, (e.g. the Niederlassungserlaubnis) a work permit is already included. However, in most cases,  foreigners who are not citizens of the EU first have to apply for this at the foreigner‘s office. With the application an employment contract or an agreement with the future employer has to be shown. Appointments with the foreigner‘s office can be made via internet or by phone. Further information can be found in the menu under „Residence and Naturalization“.

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