Career choice and training

A good education is the best way of entry into work life. Therefore, finishing an apprenticeship considerably increases the opportunities on the job market. However, which job shall one take? In Germany there is a great diversity of jobs. There are about 350 recognized professions. New professions and apprenticeships are coming up constantly. However, most youths focus on a small amount of known professions. With this, they limit their opportunities from the beginning on. Maybe you just do not know about your dream job!?

Building up first contacts with an internship

An internship is perfect for learning the every-day life of work and getting to know a specific profession. This can be a company internship from school or a voluntary internship during vacations. An internship is a great opportunity especially for school students who do not have the best grades but are good at handcrafting. Many small and medium sized businesses who offer an apprenticeship chose applicants whom they know personally and who have left a good impression.

Advice and information - as early as possible

Which apprenticeship is possible? What profession suits my interests and skills? With these questions, the job advice center of the unemployment agency (Agentur für Arbeit) helps. Here, you can get free advice. To get information on your own, check out the information center about professions for a lot of information about apprenticeships, professions, and different studies. In spring time, Bonn‘s unemployment agency organizes a job fair at the Beethovenhalle.

The internet platform „Planet Job“ is to be recommended. „Planet Job“ is also the name of the magazines on choosing a profession. The magazines can be downloaded on the platform and are also available as printed folders at the unemployment agency (Agentur für Arbeit). For parents, who want to support their children with the start of an apprenticeship, a special brochure is available in German and Turkish language.

Many businesses which offer apprenticeships, offer their vacancies almost a year ahead of time. Someone who applies too late will not get one. Therefore, it is ideal when students start informing themselves about jobs and apprenticeships two years before their school finishes and start applying at the beginning of their last school year.

Still no clue?

Someone who does not have a school degree or has not found a space for an apprenticeship should not give up. The city‘s advice "youth profession help center" supports these youths on their path to work life.

Young refugees are a group for which the apprenticeship market is especially tough. The association "apprenticeship instead of deportation" aims at helping them with career opportunities, even though their status of residency is unclear.

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