Equal opportunities on the job

The order by law is clear: women and men should have the equal rights in the job and earn the same amount of money. Gender may not play a role in the professional career. This objective is not the reality everywhere by far - even though the double job career of woman and man is a matter of course in most families by now. Both partners contribute to the family income - and increase the financial security of the family.

Family and job: Work-life has to be balanced well!

Often, both parents have the wish to be there for their children without having to give up the job. In the first years after birth, the State supports the parents with both these goals by providing parenting benefits and with the right by law to have a paid parenting leave.

Part time, teleworking and models of flexible work time are more and more common in the professional world. They can help to balance job and family. Parents with a full-time job should know that there is a right by law to claim part time work and this claim can be asserted towards the employer. For single parents special offerings exist for realizing career goals e.g. part time training. Information about this can be found at the Regional agency Bonn/Rhein-Sieg.

Good child care is very important for young working parents. The city’s department for children, youths and family (Jugendamt) helps with finding a kindergarten space or another option for care which fits the necessities of the parents.

Special offerings for women

The „Bildungswerk für Friedensarbeit“ supports migrants by helping them with advice in regards to realizing their career goals. This help can be found on the website www.migra-info.de.

The unemployment agency offers different information especially for women as for example an idea-workshop after the family leave.

Girls can make more with the opportunities they have

Girls reach better school degrees than boys on average. Still, young women often limit themselves to a few apprenticeships with low wage and little career opportunities. In this case it also applies that in order to find a dream job, women have to get to know the diversity. At the s.c. Maedchen-Zukunftstag Girl’s Day every year in April girls have the opportunity to get to know different paths of education and apprenticeships.

More information can be found under „Career choice and training“.

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