Social security

Illness and accidents can happen to everyone - no matter if poor or wealthy. Therefore, in Germany social security exists. It protects people from elementary life risks. All secured / insured people make a financial contribution of which the level depends on the income. This is the principle of mutual solidarity: Together we are strong.

Five insurances

The German social security is based on five pillars: the unemployment insurance, the retirement insurance, the care insurance, the health insurance and the accident insurance. Every working person participates in the social security system. The social security card is an important document, which should be kept well. Those who work on a construction site, should even carry it on him- or herself in case German customs officials check for illegal employment. The employer wires a part of the gross income directly to the social insurance carriers, which means to the health, rent and care insurance bourses. This also applies to the so-called ‘Mini-jobs’ or ‘400-Euro-Jobs’. The employer also pays an own part for every employee to the social security with a contribution that is set by law.  

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