Domestic violence

Violence is no solution - no matter if in partner relationships or between adults and children. If people act physically or psychologically violent in a family, the state has to   intervene. The victims of violence in a family, the so-called domestic violence, are under special protection.

Children suffer especially in domestic violence - no matter if they themselves are direct objects of violence or if their parents are the victims. This is made clear in the multi-lingual brochure „domestic violence - children suffer as well“.

The law of violence protection intends to protect people from violent acts and stalking. Detailed information about this is provided by specific counseling centers, shelter houses for women, but also the police (protection of victims). In cases of violence or serious violence offences, the police should be called directly at the emergency number 110. If the police intervene, they can relegate the offender out of the apartment. After this, a request can be made at a civil court for additional protection.

Protection against forced marriage

Forced marriage is not accepted in Germany because a forced marriage is always a severe damage of personal rights. Love and marriage should never have anything to do with force. The online portal (information is in Arabic, English, Turkish and other languages) therefore provides counseling in various languages and gives advice about the legal situation.

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