Marriage and relationship

Those who want to get married, can get information at the civil registry office in Bonn about the requirements and the process of a marriage. It is even possible at the Federal city of Bonn to live stream one‘s marriage over the internet.

Information about marriage with a foreigner is also available at the civil registry office in Bonn. There, one can also find out which documents are required for a marriage. Depending on the home country, this may vary. Information can also be received at the club of bi-national families and partnerships, which has a counseling center in Bonn.

If a person marries someone with a German passport abroad and if that person is from a foreign country, the municipal foreigners office is in charge of entry of the married spouse.

Civil union

If two people of the same sex live together, they can give their relationship a legal framework with a civil union. For the life partners, rights and duties result from this which are similar to a marriage. A civil union is however not completely equal to a marriage. More information can be found on the sites of the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Extra-marital cohabitation

With an extra-marital cohabitation, certain questions arise as the following:

  • What do both partners, who are not married, have to pay attention to when they apply for social aid by the Social Security Code? Such questions are answered by the Jobcenter (Arge) Bonn and the City Department for Social Matters and Living.
  • What do not married couples have to pay attention to if they have children together? First, the custody always goes to the mother. However, couples can apply for common custody at the department for youths. Moreover, it is to be suggested to record fatherhood in order to regulate the child support in the case of a separation.

Tax disadvantages are also to be paid attention to: couples, who are not married and live in an extra-martial relationship can not register a common tax report. They have to pay separate tax.

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