Raising and encouraging children

It is stated in the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany that: „care and education of children are the natural right of the parents and their primary duty“ (Article 6, paragraph 2, Basic Law). In other words: parents decide how their child is raised and they are mainly in charge of this. In this duty, they are supported by kindergarden (preschools) and school. The institutions complement the parent‘s education, but they do not take the full responsibility away from them. The objective should be to work together in a collaborative and respectful manner between parents and kindergarden or school.

Parents have to help their children in becoming independently thinking and acting persons. This is not always easy. Because of that, even the best parents sometimes make mistakes. As long as they are open about these mistakes, this is not fatal. In the end, children also learn this way how to deal with making mistakes.

Family counseling center provides advice

When raising a child, it sometimes is hard to decide what is good and right for a child. Therefore, there is a family and education counseling center for questions and cases of doubt. In family education centers and family centers, parents learn how they can deal with problems when raising a child. They can share their experiences and give tips to one another.

Spending time together and raising violence free

Many parents would like to spend more time with their children, but job and everyday life do not allow for that. Therefore, it is important to spend the time you have left over with your children and do something nice together. While playing, reading a book to your children, painting or while making an excursion together, parents and children get close. Parents can‘t do anything better to strengthen their children, than giving them closeness and attention, again and again.

Children should be raised to be self-dependent. The older they are, the more they have to take responsibility - for themselves and others. This is why children‘s and youth‘s right to say in education increases as they grow older. Primarily, they have a right to an education that is free of violence.

First address: The department for children, youths and family (Jugendamt)

The department for children, youths and family is the most important address for parents who need advice and help. It works collaboratively with parents and seeks the best way out for you when problems in the family or education are to be solved. At the same time, the department for children, youths and family is by law obligated to protect. If parents bring their child in danger, if they do not take care or protect it anymore, the department for children, youths and family has to act for the good of the child.

Helpline „the number against sorrow“

„The number against sorrow“ is the name of the children and youth hotline of the German child protection agency. At the nation-wide number 0800 / 1110333 children and youth get advice and help. The calls are free of charge. Since some time, a hotline for parents exists as well, which can be reached at 0800 / 1110550. On the website www.nummergegenkummer.de more information is provided.

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