Sexuality and family planning

Sexuality and family planning are themes that have an effect onto the entire life plan and the common joy of a couple. In sexuality, both partners have equal rights. Women as well as men have an equal wish for a fulfilled sex life. It is hard to talk openly about one‘s needs. This is why trusting each other is so important. Especially youths depend on matter of fact information. They want to be taken seriously with their needs for love and relationship.

Unwanted pregnancy - what now?

The question, whether a couple has a child and when concerns both partners. In the ideal case, woman and men decide for a child together. However, it can be the case that a woman has an unwanted pregnancy. The decision against a child is always hard and wearing. The decision can not be reversed - once it is taken. This is why there are several contact points that can be consulted confidentially and free of charge. The addresses can be found in the menu at „Counseling and help“.

Anonymous counseling for pregnant women

Conflicts can be especially hard for girls and young women. Some of them experience an unwanted pregnancy as a catastrophe. Someone who does not know a way out or has nobody to talk about this, can get good advice in Bonn for free and around the clock at the hotline 0800 / 8007711. This counseling offer is called "a way out" and is anonymous. Therefore, you do not have to tell your name.

Anonymous online counseling Papatya gives advice to young migrants - not only in such cases, but also in cases of family problems, domestic violence and forced marriage. Advice is given in German, Turkish, English and French.

Further education in sex matters

Of course, there are many other questions regarding love and sexuality. Answers can be given at the couple and sexual counseling, which is offered by different independent organizations. Some information centers inform also about sexually transmitted diseases as Aids. On the internet, the federal center for health education provides detailed information about family planning and birth control.

More Information:

Pregnancy and birth

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